Whether you're cruising all day or just going out for a short spin, there is no boating experience like a ride on an electric pleasure boat. With the silence of a sailboat and the power, speed and convenience of a motorboat, an electric boat has everyone's experience covered.

For boaters who already have a separate auxiliary generator installed, in parallel to the conventional main diesel engine, it makes sense to install a hybrid system that generates electricity for both propulsion and on-board consumers.


As you enjoy the calm and relaxing ride you will also be helping to protect the environment, giving you the freedom to travel anywhere without worrying about restrictions on gasoline-powered motors or future emissions tariffs. That's Intelligent Boating.


Since 2008 Echandia Marine have been developing an electric propulsion solution that is suitable for planing motor yachts up to approximately 60 ft size. This system is currently undergoing final tests on Echandia Marine's own prototype platform "Electra".


The propulsion system provides the boat with a unique maneuverability and energy efficiency since the actual propeller pod can be turned (90°), tilted for trimming purposes and lifted (400 mm) via a rig so that the propeller is operating on the surface level. Thanks to the rig technology providing this unique lifting possibility, the boat can lower the pod as much as possible at lower speeds to increase maneuverability and lift it in planing motion to reduce the hydrodynamic resistance, resulting in radically improved energy economy.
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