Echandia Marine is a systems integrator and expert in electric propulsion. We can deliver everything from basic advice to key-ready solutions for complete plug-in hybrid electrical propulsion systems, including batteries, generators, electric driveline, charging stations and control systems. The following is a brief description of the different components of our electric propulsion systems. Please contact us for more detailed information.


As an expert systems integrator, Echandia Marine selects the most suitable battery type for each project. We work with many different suppliers and personalize each electric propulsion system to the ship owner's requirements. However, during the development of BB Green we had to develop a new light-weight high performance battery system based on Toshiba’s LTO (Lithium-Titanium-Oxide) cells. These represent a new generation of batteries that deliver high power instantly and can be charged extremely quickly.

Echandia delivers batteries with a Battery Management System (BMS), which ensures full performance over the battery's lifetime as well as suitable installation components, racks and cables. We can supply batteries with a guaranteed minimum 5-7 years or up to unlimited number of cycles.




10 - 350kW


As an expert systems integrator, Echandia integrates generators on a customized basis in commercial projects. The power range is about 10-350 kW cycles ,Our generators are of permanent magnet type and, depending on the application, may be either fixed or variable speed.

For high-speed planing boat applications we normally use variable speed generators to adapt the generated power to the current on-board power demand.


Echandia has developed two different types of pod motor, one specifically designed for high-speed planing boats and another for displacement boats. They use the same technology, using a submerged permanent magnet electrical motor enclosed in a water tight housing. In this arrangement, no additional gearboxes or cooling is needed, the propeller is directly driven from the pod motor and the motor is cooled via the surrounding sea water. Depending on the application we offer different propeller solutions ranging from conventional open propellers to ducted pump-jet, super-cavitating and surface piercing propellers.

Ranging from 30-740 kW propulsion power and energy storage systems up to 500 kWh, we have a system to suit your individual needs, both for new-build and the conversion of existing ships. Our main market is the commercial boat market and particularly the passenger ferry market. We offer solutions that outperform conventional combustion engine in terms of lower life-cycle costs and environmental impact. As the whole motor is outside the hull, maintenance is reduced to a minimum and it is a less costly solution. Furthermore, it is light weight solution. The whole driveline of a 125kW Pod installation weighs only 330 kg.

All our products are DNV-approved to ensure safety and reliability.


The charging station for electric ferries is a key part of Echandia Marine's offering. Echandia is the first on the market to offer commercially-available supercharging stations for electric ferries and battery-powered boats.

By using our automated docking and supercharging systems, passenger ferries can reap the full benefit of the electrical drive concept. By using renewable energy sources fed through the land-based power grid, shipping companies can now reduce energy usage with about 65% and CO2 reductions with almost 100%. Normal charging power capacity is 300-1 500kW meaning that you can charge your typical passenger ferry in about 10 minutes.


Echandia Marine's system experts have pooled all their knowledge and efforts to develop a world-class, safe and well-functioning electric system. The Control system is DnV classified and ensures that all the strong currents are well-balanced for the safety of personnel.

The Control system has a wireless communication with the supercharging station for automated handling and for safe and optimal charging. The result is fast, safe automatic charging - with no personnel involved.

Part of our control system is an online surveillance system: software that continuously and remotely follows the status of the equipment and undertakes the necessary maintenance and/or repairs. Error reports and information about the condition of individual components can easily be sent by email and/or mobile text.

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