Whether it is a new ship to be built or an old one to be converted, Echandia Marine begins with a design phase, undertaking a detailed study and making recommendations for the move to electric power. Our team includes experts in naval architecture, power distribution systems, mechanical engineering and computer-based control systems.


Whether the customer needs an electrical propulsion motor or battery system or a complete electric propulsion system including chargers, generators, batteries and control systems, Echandia designs and delivers an individual solution for each customer. For instance, if a customer has a particular requirement for battery chemistry, Echandia offers a range of battery manufacturers to meet customer demand.


Having an electric driveline means that maintenance costs are next to nothing and operational costs are considerably lower than with a conventional system. Our systems include as standard the design and installation of software that continuously and remotely (online) follows the status of the equipment and undertakes the necessary maintenance and/or repairs. Error reports and information about the condition of individual components can easily be sent by email and/or mobile text.


Echandia Marine can undertake a feasibility study for city councils on the electrification of the city's public water transport. This would include the arrangement and placement of infrastructure such as charging stations, advice regarding conversion of fleet or acquisition of new boats and the evaluation of traffic routes.

A feasibility study for a shipping company or shipyard could focus on the conversion of an existing boat or the design of a new ship. The study would include, inter alia, studies of the current operational profile, timetable optimisation including charging times and stops for recharging of batteries, power estimation for propulsion system and energy balance calculations and cost estimations for infrastructure and onboard equipment.


Echandia Marine provides maintenance services to all our clients. An electrical propulsion system has far less components and mechanical complexity compared to a conventional propulsion system, rendering you less likely to require maintenance and making it easier to remedy any issues. The result is lower maintenance costs and easier maintenance procedures. Echandia Marine's technicians will provide on-site field support and if necessary replace any faulty parts with replaceable units to prevent any disruption to your service.


Echandia Marine designs and delivers Supercharging stations for electric ferries as part of the electrification package. The financing of the supercharging stations is flexible, with Echandia either owning and operating the charging station or selling it directly to the end user. Echandia Marine's propulsion systems are delivered with an optional energy supply service via our supercharging station facilities.

We offer shipping companies the added benefit of an uninterrupted energy supply service and a clean and comparably cheap electric energy supply.

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